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In the past, straightening teeth meant getting braces, but now there are other, more discreet ways. No longer must patients fret over how they will look with metal brackets and wires: Better Way Dental recommends Invisalign for patients who want straight teeth without the visible hardware. We believe that Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional braces judging by the fantastic results we’ve seen for our own patients, and that’s why we offer Invisalign—alignment that works and is virtually invisible!

How Does Invisalign Work?

First, the dentist scans your mouth with an intraoral scanner. The scans are then sent off to a dental technician, who fabricates a set of new aligners and ships them back to your dentist. You receive new aligners to be changed every couple of weeks or so, and each is slightly different from the previous one. Ever so gradually, your teeth adjust toward the desired smile alignment. Length of treatment depends on each case; some alignments finish in as few as six months. Dr. Zhu can help you determine an Invisalign course that straightens your smile

What Is Wearing Invisalign Like?

Wearing Invisalign is a bit like wearing a removable retainer, but the mold is thinner and most people quickly grow accustomed to it. A new mold may feel a bit tight and uncomfortable for the first few days: this is because your teeth are responding to the next phase of alignment, and, as per design, moving accordingly.

Your goal is to live in your Invisalign by wearing it for at least 22 hours a day so that the alignment is sustained. You can take out your aligners for eating and drinking, and then you brush your teeth and put them back in. The aligners can be lightly scrubbed once a day with a toothbrush to keep them clean. They are designed to be invisible: aside from a few minor routine changes, most people forget they are wearing them!

Unique Benefits Of Invisalign

Invisalign has several benefits that make it stand out as an orthodontic treatment option. For example, Invisalign can be offered by partnering dentists (like us!), making it more widely available than other orthodontic treatments only available through a specialist. Invisalign aligns your teeth by applying a gentle, steady force from all sides, and it does so very predictably due to the imaging technology used. Invisalign also does not have wires or metal components that can break and injure your mouth. On top of all, Invisalign can often achieve the same results as traditional braces can, making Invisalign a solid option for anyone wanting straighter teeth.

Invisalign Provided By Better Way Dental

Now, patients don’t have to choose between straight teeth and conspicuous hardware. Better Way Dental advocates Invisalign precisely because the aligners make life better for patients: they straighten teeth while being unnoticeable. If you are curious about how Invisalign could straighten your smile, call today at (425) 292-9230 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zhu. Better Way Dental can help you determine if Invisalign, possibly paired with other cosmetic dentistry services, will move you closer to your dream smile. Come experience dentistry done the Better Way.