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Dental Bridges

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or row of teeth that fills a gap left missing teeth. Although it is anchored permanently inside the mouth, it is attached to adjacent natural teeth using special fasteners, not inserted into the gums. Dental bridges are a permanent, long-term solution, and they can be customized to resemble each patient’s distinct natural teeth. 

Bridges are designed by Better Way Dental in-office. Dr. Zhu blueprints a plan for the new teeth and prepares the two adjacent natural teeth for special crowns. Then, crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth to provide an anchor point, and the bridge is placed in the space and affixed to the crowns.


You may need a dental bridge if you have a missing tooth or a row of missing teeth. Unfortunately, other problems can result from the empty space left by a missing tooth, so your dentist may advise that you fill the gap with artificial replacements. Better Way Dental offers dental bridges for those who need to fill a missing tooth or row of teeth without the hassle of an invasive procedure. Bridges are a popular option because they are useful, affordable, and fully customizable.

A dental bridge addresses several areas of dentistry. Bridges provide a cosmetic fix in that they fill gaps left by lost teeth; for many patients, this is a huge confidence booster. Even more, bridges also provide direct benefits to dental health. They restore significant chewing and talking capabilities, help maintain facial structure, and can prevent natural teeth from misaligning or migrating into the gap. A quick chat with a dentist can help you determine if a dental bridge is a good fit for your situation!


Bridges are very different from dentures. Bridges are fixed permanently while dentures are removable. Bridges are consequently easier to talk and chew with, and the wearer need not worry that it will slip off mid-conversation or mid-bite. 

Bridges are also different from implants. Both are permanently fixed in the mouth, but bridges sit atop the gums while implants are embedded into them, usually anchored to the jawbone like a natural tooth. Getting a dental implant is also an invasive procedure with different costs associated. Dr. Zhu can help you determine which option is ideal for your situation.


Here at Better Way Dental, we understand that one size doesn’t really fit all, especially when it comes to dentistry. That’s why we’ve developed a better way of doing dentistry, offering lots of highly specialized services in one location to better serve the communities in the Snoqualmie area of Washington state. We can help you determine whether a dental bridge suits your needs, and we can create the bridge and attach it within a few office visits. 

Don’t be dismayed about gaps from missing teeth: we can help! Call (425) 292-9230 today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our financing options. Come experience dentistry done a Better Way.