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Cracked Tooth Repair

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Accidents resulting in cracked teeth can happen in a matter of seconds, especially if you find yourself exploring our beautiful state of Washington. When experiencing a tooth fracture you may experience intense pain. At Better Way Dental, we offer cracked tooth repair as part of our general dentistry services. If you live in Snoqualmie, Tokul, or North Bend, relief for cracked tooth pain can be a call away. 

Our experienced dental team has effectively repaired cracked teeth countless times; it’s a lot more common than you might think. As a Better Way Dental patient, you can count on us when the unexpected happens. It’s imperative that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can properly repair the impacted tooth or teeth. If left untreated, an infection can develop and severely damage your tooth.

We will swiftly assess the damage caused to your tooth and create an adequate treatment plan. Our thorough examination will take into account multiple aspects of your oral health. Each patient requires unique treatment, you can count on our experienced staff to deliver exactly what you need. In some cases, dental crowns or fillings may be used to effectively treat a cracked tooth. Regardless of the treatment needed, you can count on a superior patient experience, where we prioritize your comfort. 

Better Way Dental urges you to contact us if you or a family member finds themself dealing with a cracked tooth. The sooner we can treat the impacted tooth, the more effective treatment will be. We proudly offer same day dentistry services for when our patients truly need us. Contact our Snoqualmie dental office.