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Dental Crowns

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

As dental professionals dedicated to your family’s overall health, we prioritize oral health above all else. But that doesn’t mean we sacrifice aesthetics. At Better Way Dental, we believe our patients should be happy with the look of their smiles. Dental Crowns can be the perfect solution for repairing damaged teeth. We offer all of our general dentistry services to families in the Snoqualmie, Washington area.

What Is A Tooth Crown?

Dental crowns can be thought of as protective covers for your teeth. Often, when a tooth is impacted, it loses structure. Dental crowns offer structural support that is lost, and protect the tooth from further damage. The crowns produced at Better Way Dental are crafted to fit perfectly over your tooth and can be color matched to your natural tooth color. Our cone beam technology allows us to scan your teeth and create a 3D image that assists in the crown crafting process.

Types Of Crowns

Ceramic Crowns
Ceramic crowns allow for color matching that compliments your natural tooth color. This is an ideal option for patients with metal allergies. 

All-resin Crowns
Composite resin is the material used to craft all-resin crowns. These are usually used as temporary crowns and aren’t as durable as alternative options. 

Metal Crowns
Metal crowns tend to be the most durable tooth crown option. They are crafted with a combination of metals. Most patients only prefer this option for back molars because they are more noticeable. 

Porcelain-metal Fused Crowns
Porcelain-metal crowns feature durability qualities found in all metal options. But they also offer the appearance benefits found in ceramic crowns. It can be seen as the balanced option. 

The dental specialists at Better Way Dental will recommend the appropriate crown options based on your unique needs. You can always count on our honest recommendations. As a dental practice driven by honesty, we will never look to offer unnecessary options. At the end of the day, the choice is always yours, we simply offer our professional opinion based on our evaluations. 

Better Way Dental exists to serve the communities of Snoqualmie, Tokul, and North Bend. We are proud Washington dentists committed to providing a better dental experience at every step. Contact us to schedule an appointment.