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Have you ever noticed how much power your jaw has? No? We can’t blame you; this is probably just something dental professionals spend their time thinking about. But the truth is that your jaw and teeth have a huge amount of power. This allows you to chew tough food. The power of our bite is usually beneficial, but when habits like teeth hiding or bruxism develop it becomes a hindrance. Bruxism can cause a great deal of damage to your teeth. Breaking bad habits can be difficult and it’s even harder when it’s happening during your sleep. For this very reason, we offer custom-made dental night guards. We serve patients in our Snoqualmie dental practice. 

Our expertly crafted nightguards are offered as part of our general dentistry services. They provide protection from excessive teeth grinding and jaw clenching during a good night’s sleep. Bruxism causes damage to your teeth’s enamel. Without a strong protective enamel, your teeth are more prone to decay and infections. We recommend night guards as a preventive measure to protect your teeth and avoid costly damage. 

Better Way Dental counts on modern dental technology that allows us to offer fully custom dental night guards. With the assistance of CBCT technology, we are able to capture a precision 3D scan. This scan assists with the crafting of your sleep mouth guard. Your unique mouth guard will feature a one-to-one fit that alternative options cannot achieve.

Additionally, due to their lackluster fit, alternative options tend to be very uncomfortable. Our Better Way Dental professionals are dedicated to providing quality services that do not sacrifice comfort. Our custom mouth guards allow you to sleep comfortably. Many of our current patients have even reported improvements in their sleeping patterns. Dental night guards not only protect your teeth from grinding but allow you to breathe better and reduce snoring. 

If nighttime teeth grinding or bruxism is an issue for you or a family member, the Better Way Dental team has the solution. Protect your natural smile with your very own custom night guard. We are located in Snoqualmie, Washington, and serve all the surrounding areas. Contact us to discover a better dental experience.