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Tooth Pain jaw Pain

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Tooth pain and jaw pain can be incredibly disruptive to normal life, but they are more than just a nuisance. Unexplained pain is a sign something is wrong, and you should not ignore it. You may only feel pain without seeing signs of a problem, but a dentist can identify the cause of the pain, whatever it may be, and guide you toward the right solutions. We understand at Better Way Dental that persistent mouth pain of any kind can dramatically decrease quality of life: that’s why we offer comprehensive services from experienced professionals to fight tooth and jaw pain with effective treatment.

What Can I Do About My Pain?

Short answer: you can seek professional help! Although there are hundreds of articles online that cover common dental issues, it is almost impossible to correctly self-diagnose, let alone treat, causes of tooth pain and jaw pain without a professional. Many times, the problem causing tooth or jaw pain is invisible, as in the cases of wisdom teeth growing in or an infection due to an unnoticeably cracked tooth. During a consultation, dentists take X-rays and scans that allow them to see the whole picture, and the whole picture is needed to identify causes of pain.

Though it may be unsettling, tooth pain or jaw pain is useful because it represents your body’s natural response to some disruption in your health. If you’re feeling pain, something is wrong and now you know you need to do something about it! Medicating with pain relievers will not solve the underlying condition. People often expect tooth and jaw pain to fade over time, but dental problems that are allowed to get worse can become agonizing before long. Trust us, a couple hours spent at the dentist’s office identifying and fixing the problem is a worthwhile trade for someone experiencing excruciating pain.

What Could Be Causing My Pain?

Another short answer: you will need a professional diagnosis to know for sure. However, speculating on common cases of tooth pain, it could be one issue or several: toothache, tooth decay, traumatic dental injury, tooth impaction, cracks, chips, infection, etc. Jaw pain is commonly caused by things like bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding), TMJ (weakened or dysfunctional jaw joint), but can also be caused by painful growth of incoming wisdom teeth, among other things. In order to correctly diagnose, you need someone who can see the whole picture, pinpoint the problem, and treat it correctly.

Walk In A Better Way

At Better Way Dental, we offer quality, robust dental care for communities around Snoqualmie, Washington. We understand the disruption caused by tooth pain and jaw pain, and we have seen what happens when people forego treatment. We make treatment as easy to obtain as possible, providing unconventional workarounds like same day dentistry opportunities and different financing options. Schedule an appointment with us today, and come experience a Better Way of doing dentistry.