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Orthodontics is a field of dentistry concerned with “malocclusion” or tooth misalignment. Although many assume orthodontics is primarily for cosmetic concerns, orthodontics also factors heavily into overall dental health. We offer several orthodontic solutions for our patients, all available through Dr. Zhu as a partnering dental specialist, and Better Way can help you assess what orthodontic treatment is best for you and your smile.

Orthodontics And Dental Health

Orthodontics is frequently viewed as an optional form of dentistry concerned with smile appearance, like cosmetic dentistry. However, orthodontics is arguably closer related to other dental treatments that address a problem, as crooked teeth and improperly aligned bite can have major ramifications for dental health over time.

Crooked teeth and overcrowded teeth, for example, are much more difficult to keep clean, opening patients up to different potential dental problems like tooth decay that require more intensive treatments later. Per their mechanics, crooked teeth also do not chew as well as straight teeth.

Orthodontics also help fix bite alignment: ideally, front teeth should fit just over the bottom teeth, like a lid on a box, with molars aligned so that they rest in their opposing grooves. A misaligned bite often produces uneven pressure points that can wear on the enamel and cause further dental problems. Bite misalignment is also often associated with other problems like TMJ, a jaw dysfunction condition that can relate to improper bite. 

Conclusively, orthodontics is not just about having a straight smile that looks good (though that sure is a nice part of it!): orthodontics has significant bearing on dental health, and this concerned Dr. Zhu enough to the point that he decided to do something about it.

Orthodontics At A Dentist Office?

We offer two contemporary and effective forms of orthodontics: Invisalign and Clear Braces. Invisalign is an orthodontic process that uses progressive sets of clear, plastic aligners that arrange teeth into the desired position. We also offer clear braces (as part of our partnership with Six Month Smiles), which are akin to traditional braces in using a wire to straighten but differ in using inconspicuous, clear ceramic brackets. Both methods work to effectively straighten teeth, and both options can be overseen by qualified dentists like Dr. Zhu, who can help you determine which solution is the best fit for you.

Orthodontics Done A Better Way

Better Way Dental is not exactly your traditional dentist office. We offer all kinds of services from general dentistry, to cosmetic alterations, to restorative dentistry, and even orthodontics. We simply believe it would be easier for people living around the Snoqualmie and Tokul areas if there were a single office where they could get dental needs met. It seemed like a better way of doing dentistry, so Dr. Zhu founded Better Way to make it happen. We would love to help make straight teeth happen for you; call us today at (425) 292-9230 to learn more!