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Six Month Smiles

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Six Month Smiles is a brand that offers clear braces with an average alignment time of only six months! Traditional braces are associated with a mouthful of metal hardware and a painstaking process of occasional adjustments over a period of years. However, Six Month Smiles has created a clear braces technology that aligns teeth faster than traditional braces. Importantly, Six Month Smiles can also be overseen by a qualified dentist (like Dr. Zhu!) instead of an orthodontic specialist. Better Way Dental offers Six Month Smiles precisely because it allows our dental patients to get their orthodontic treatments in the same place.

Why Get A Six Month Smile?

Six Month Smiles is a fantastic option for good candidates who want to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly. They can help straighten teeth for people age sixteen and up, making them popular among adults who want to straighten teeth inconspicuously. Six Month Smiles uses clear braces instead of the metal brackets and hardware used by conventional braces, making them far more discreet.

What Does Getting A Six Month Smile Look Like?

Firstly, your dentist will determine if you are a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles. Dr. Zhu can discern based on the criteria and his own experience who is a good candidate for Six Month Smiles and who would be better served by other orthodontic solutions

After being approved, your clear braces will be put on in an appointment that lasts an hour or so, and you may experience some discomfort as your teeth adjust to the new forces being exerted on them. Then, your tooth alignment change as the Six Month Smile brings your smile together.

Expect frequent scheduled trips to the dentist for adjustments, but remember that this process (which usually takes 18-24 months for traditional braces) is happening in as few as six months! After your teeth have moved into the desired alignment, your Six Month Smile braces will come off, and you will have straightened your teeth much faster with Six Month Smiles than with alternative methods.


Why Orthodontics Are Important To Overall Health

Although orthodontics is often thought of as an “elective” type of dentistry on account of pricing or inconvenience, tooth misalignment can have significant consequences for dental health. Poor bite alignment can cause excessive wear to the enamel and uneven pressure points. Enamel loss puts teeth at risk for additional problems like tooth decay and cavities.

Crooked teeth are also much more difficult to keep clean and cannot chew as well as straight teeth, leading to further problems down the road. Many people still believe orthodontic treatments are prohibitively expensive, but they have become more affordable than ever. Dr. Zhu can help you assess your orthodontic situation and recommend solutions tailored to you and your smile.

Better Way Dentistry Does Orthodontics

We offer quality orthodontic treatments here at Better Way Dental in Snoqualmie, WA. When creating his practice, Dr. Zhu realized that it would be far more convenient for most people to receive all their dental and orthodontic care in one place. Equipped with specialized orthodontics training, he helps people achieve their dream smiles using methods like Invisalign’s clear aligners and Six Month Smiles’ clear braces. Call us today at (425) 292-9230 or reach out to us through our Contact Page to learn more about our orthodontics and schedule an appointment. Come and see what your teeth could look like with orthodontics done the Better Way.