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Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Better Way Dental has you covered when it comes to taking care of your gums and jawbone. Our office offers exceptional periodontal therapy along with our other general dentistry services. Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue that can be a result of poor dental hygiene. Severe cases of gum disease require gum therapy to bring your gum tissue back to a healthy state. 

Dr. Zhu strives to provide you with the best periodontal therapy in the North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Fall City communities. It is vital to receive periodontal treatment as soon as possible. When gum disease goes untreated, your gum tissue will begin to pull away from your teeth resulting in tooth loss. When visiting us for your bi-annual dental check-up, we can see if you require periodontal therapy. There are a few symptoms you can look out for if you are concerned if you have gum disease.


Bleeding gums, especially when flossing or brushing your teeth

Swollen Gums

Gum Recession

Tooth alignment issues

Tooth loss

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, scheduling a check-up with our office is essential. We can treat your gum disease before the issue causes significant damage to your overall health.

Our general dentistry services feature a wide array of dental treatments and procedures. As we prioritize your and your family’s oral health, our commitment to ethical service doesn’t waver. As a Better Way Dental patient, you can count on quality dental care and fantastic amenities. We do not compromise the dental patient experience.

Periodontal Therapy

Depending on your condition, there are a few different approaches Dr. Zhu may take to prevent gum disease. Here are a few things that can happen during your periodontal therapy appointment. The best way to treat gum disease is by scaling and root planing. This process is essentially a deep cleaning of your teeth. Dr. Z will remove all the hardened plaque and tartar on the gum line, called scaling. Planing is the process in which they will smooth out your teeth roots to help reattach your gums to your teeth. 

Your teeth may require a surgical crown lengthening procedure. This is a procedure where our dentist will remove part of your gum tissue, bone, or both to expose more of your tooth’s structure. Crown lengthening can also be very useful to those who require a dental crown. 

If gum disease has caused you to lose your teeth or bones, there is a solution. Soft tissue grafting is when your dentist removes a piece of soft tissue from the roof of your mouth and creates a flap over the exposed portion of your tooth. Tissue grafting is mainly used after you have lost a tooth. Bone grafting is helpful if you require bone replacement for bone damaged from periodontal disease.