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Complete Smile Restoration

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

If you have severe damage to your teeth, missing teeth, or poor oral health, our Complete Smile Restorations are reserved for patients who want a full set of permanent teeth beyond superficial cosmetic repairs. Between our technology and treatments, even someone with no teeth can achieve their dream smile, and we love to help make it happen. That’s why Better Way Dental offers judgment-free consultations and life-changing Complete Smile Restorations for the communities around Snoqualmie, WA. Read on to find out more!

Who Needs A Complete Smile Restoration?

A Complete Smile Restoration is appropriate for someone who has dental health problems, whether stemming from disease or neglected hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry primarily concerns tooth appearance, and the treatments are enhancements that require good oral health to work. Complete Smile Restorations are different in that they do not require good oral health; they are intensive forms of repair that can start a brand-new smile from scratch. People who have experienced severe tooth decay, infections, fractures, gum disease, TMJ, missing teeth, and other issues can regain a full set of functional teeth through a Complete Smile Restoration.

What Is A Complete Smile Restoration?

The goals of a Complete Smile Restoration are twofold: manage dental health and recreate a functional and aesthetic smile. To start, Dr. Zhu will treat any major underlying health disorders to prevent further issues; this may require some additional treatments beforehand, but it will ensure that the restoration’s success is not undermined by recurring problems. 

Once the patient is ready, brainstorming for a new smile begins. Dr. Zhu has different methods for restoring teeth, including dental implants, and you will receive restoration recommendations customized specially for your smile and situation. Once a restoration is carried out, you will need to keep caring for your new smile like you would real teeth, but you can enjoy your teeth knowing they were a dream turned into a reality.

Benefits Of A Complete Smile Restoration?

There benefits of a Complete Smile Restoration include improved health, appearance, and self-confidence. Imperatively, patients experience major improvements in dental health, and we often hear reports of symptom and pain relief through preliminary treatments. Complete Smile Restoration patients also receive a new set of teeth that look good, function well, and are picked out by them. So often, too, patients have newfound confidence in their smiles; they share their smiles without embarrassment and feel more comfortable with their appearance. This is one of the reasons Better Way Dental offers Complete Smile Restorations: they simply make life better, and we’re all about a better way of doing things.

New Teeth For A New Start

Whether you have severe damage to teeth or have no teeth at all, a Complete Smile Restoration can help! Dr. Zhu believes that everyone should feel comfortable with their own smile, and Better Way Dental is passionate about offering a new start for those whose smiles have been compromised. Interested in hearing how we can help you? Call (425) 292-9230 today to learn more and schedule an appointment, or reach out to us through our Contact Page to get in touch! We would love to meet you and hear your dreams for your own smile: let us help make them a reality for you. Come experience dentistry done the Better Way.