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Same Day Dentistry

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Sometimes, scheduling an appointment to come to the dentist is unfeasible. Maybe you have nagging tooth pain that you’ve been ignoring, but now it’s really starting to hurt, and you know you should see someone. Maybe a dental emergency comes up, and a tooth gets chipped or knocked out. Maybe dental hardware breaks and significantly interferes with your day. Maybe your schedule is incredibly busy, and you have time to be seen by the dentist now. 

These kinds of situations have prompted the same-day dentistry concept: simply come and be seen. It’s something we value here at Better Way, since we believe it’s a better way to do dentistry for our patients. Better Way Dental offers same-day dentistry because we believe it is one of the most realistic ways of practicing dentistry. Surely, rigid scheduling and strict policies could keep us organized, but such would neglect some of the most important reasons we practice dentistry: we are here to help people!

Sometimes there is a problem or a pain that simply cannot wait. Sometimes the only day to see the dentist is today. Whatever the reason, we believe it’s important to keep our doors open and to stay flexible. That’s why we commit to that value with same-day dentistry. We want you to receive the best care in the Snoqualmie, Tokul, and North Bend areas, whatever your situation is.

How Do I Use Same-Day Dentistry With Better Way?

For emergencies, we do advise you to call our office at (425) 292-9230 right away so that we can have preparations made by the time you get to the office. However, same-day dentistry for us also includes non-emergencies and first-time visitors to Better Way. Scheduling an appointment with helps us manage patients a little better, we are also not so overscheduled that we don’t take walk-ins. Emergencies excluded, we fill our same-day slots in the order in which requests are received, so give us a call to find out how soon we can get you in!

Although there is no long-term scheduling required, some short-term scheduling can be helpful when patients can manage it. We keep several “slots” open on any given day, and patients can reserve or take a same-day slot. Slots are booked in the same order in which they are received.

For patients who come to the office without scheduling at all, we will try to see you as soon as possible! However, there may be a waiting period depending on how many same-day slots are still available, so we advise calling ahead of time to see.

Same-Day Dentistry: The Better Way

We don’t run quite like traditional dental offices. Dr. Zhu has practiced dentistry for many years, and he believed there was a better way to do dentistry. As a result, Better Way Dental has come to be, and we proudly serve the Snoqualmie, Tokul, and North Bend areas of Washington. We offer comprehensive dental care and patient-focused service model. Come experience dentistry… the Better Way.