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Severe Gag Reflex

Dentist Snoqualmie, WA

Finding a compassionate and caring severe gag reflex dentist isn’t always an easy task. If you are located in Snoqualmie, Tokul, or North Bend, WA, you’re in luck. Better Way Dental offers severe gag reflex dentistry services as part of our special needs division. 

Getting the dental care you need can be difficult if you have a sensitive gag reflex. Many of these patients experience extreme gagging as soon as a dental instrument enters their mouth. Keeping your mouth and teeth in an ideal state can be a challenge. Many choose to avoid the dentist altogether; their oral health suffers.

A sensitive gag reflex can be strictly a mental condition caused by a negative dental experience in the past. Gagging is triggered as a response to being uncomfortable. At Better Way Dental we are driven to provide a comfortable experience for our patients every time. Our stellar amenities and caring approach to dentistry allow patients to feel more at ease. In some instances, a comfortable environment and someone who truly cares are all that is needed to overcome gag reflex sensitivity. 

Alternatively, a severe gag reflex can also be a physical condition that is simply caused by genetics and other variables. We still provide dental care for these patients and we do it proudly. Our experienced dental professionals will resort to treatment options that accommodate the patient appropriately. As added support, sedation dentistry can be a beneficial treatment supporter. Our nitrous oxide sedation option can be an ideal option to relieve gag reflex sensitivity. Sedation dentistry allows patients to relax mentally and physically. While in a euphoric state, your Better Way Dental dentist will be able to perform the proper care needed. 

Dealing with a severe gag reflex doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the dentist entirely. Don’t let your oral health suffer; contact us to schedule an appointment. At Better Way Dental, we proudly serve a wide range of patients with different backgrounds and needs.